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Simon Says: Are You a Liar Like Rachel Dolezal?

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DALLAS — Are you sick of hearing about Rachel Dolezal? The now former head of a local NAACP chapter is trying to explain who she is — How she was born white and now living as an African-American.

Dolezal says she “identifies herself as black,” apparently trying to give her lie a makeover.

Identify her with Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Dolezal is portraying herself as someone she isn’t.

Sadly, she’s not the first person who’s made us doubt who they were. There are many examples of a race question. This story has a number of examples, including the crying Indian from those commercials years ago.

Pretending to be someone you’re not is a lousy thing to do. Sadly, you or someone you know has a little bit of Dolezal in them. How many of you portray yourself online as someone else? You build up a virtual persona to deceive someone into liking you: Perhaps a richer, better-looking version of you!

Look it up; catfishing scams have been around for a while. With catfishing, someone gets hooked and someone becomes a victim.

So here’s my hope: Remember how mad you are at Dolezal and think of that feeling the next time you log in as someone you’re not.

The true definition of yourself is in your soul. Dolezal is proof you can’t create soul.

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