Local Woman’s Mother Killed in Charleston Massacre

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DALLAS — News of the South Carolina shooting hit home for the African Methodist Episcopal Community.

“It seems like every other week, and every other month, we’re talking about another family, another victim, and another senseless act of violence,” Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie said on Thursday in front of a crowd.

One of the victims had ties to DFW.

“One of our preachers, one of our chaplains, her mother died  last night,” Bishop McKenzie said.  “[Ethel] Lee Lance, the sexton of the church, perished with the other eight people.”

“Those nine victims had a family,” Presiding Elder Ella McDonald said.  “That shooter also had a family and we pray today God that you would allow your power of healing, not just by the stripes of your back but by your grace, your mercy, and your love.”

“We will come to worship as we have been over the past two centuries,” Bishop McKenzie reiterated. “And we will continue to do the things we have done. Not in fear, but in faith.”