Families Under Fire After Pics/Video Go Viral, Upsetting Folks

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DALLAS, TX — No doubt you’ve rolled up on some pretty crazy sights when you’ve been behind the wheel.

But, chances are you’ve probably never seen a sight like the one that sent social media into a tizzy.

A viral video shows a young boy driving a big rig. We know, crazy, huh? Well, that’s exactly what cops thought, too.

Get this: this the boy’s father is apparently a Utah-based truck driver. He let his kid, who looks no older than 12, take the wheel of his semi-truck, and drive down a stretch of roadway.

Keep in mind, it was broad daylight, and there were other drivers on the road at the time.

The doting dad posted the video on his Facebook page, and as you can imagine, it created a whole lot of traffic. The post quickly came down and Utah Highway Patrol says criminal charges are possible, if cops can determine if the boy was driving in their state.

Moving north, a Wisconsin family has been reportedly getting death threats for their hero-inspired pic. The photo shows a woman’s husband, dressed like Batman, and their 15-month-old son dressed as Robin, on train tracks.

The mother is pictured, pretending to be tied to the tracks. The super-duo is posed in a manner that suggests they were ‘saving’ the woman.

But, once the pics went viral, the violent posts began. The family says people have accused them of placing their son in danger and reminded them that hanging on the tracks is illegal.

Yeah, looks the his superhero is the one in need of a rescue.