Bring Jack Back! Giant Pet Tortoise Stolen From Dallas Family

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DALLAS --  The search is on for a missing family member in Pleasant Grove -- a pet sulcata tortoise named Jack. The Richards contacted NewsFix after the turtle thief snatched Jack from their front yard on Saturday.

"My dad was on the phone with my neighbor who saw a woman and man in a red Durango pick up the turtle and load them into his truck and leave," Reagan Richards explained.

That's when the manhunt for Jack began.

"We've been searching the park ever since the day he came up missing," dad Rodney Richards said.

Reagan added, "Right now, he's about a foot long, four inches tall and four inches wide."

They even put up a reward sign. The Richards say the man and woman they saw pick up the tortoise came back trying to claim the reward money. But after they questioned them, they admitted to dropping it off at the creek near Crawford Park.

They've filed a missing reptile report with the police.

So far, the search for the tortoise has come to a slow crawl, but that isn't keeping this family in its shell.

"We just want him back because he's a part of our family, and we miss him," Mr. Richards said.

So, keep those peepers peeled and let's get Jack back!

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