92-Year-Old Blind Granny Arrested in Denton Fracking Protest

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DENTON -- At 92-years-old, Violet Palmer has lived her life on the straight and narrow. She's never even had a speeding ticket. But when the Texas Legislature overturned Denton’s fracking ban, everything changed.

“I did not know it could happen in America,” said Palmer. “I could have sworn my vote was solid.”

So, despite her age and being legally blind, Palmer joined other protesters to block the entrance to a fracking site Tuesday morning. The cops were called, the protesters refused to leave, and this great-grandmother was arrested right along with everyone else.

“It was a catharsis for me because I was finally doing something,” Palmer said.

The protest was a family affair. Her son, Thoren, was arrested with her.

“I’m extraordinarily proud,” Thoren said. “It’s been amazing to see how engaged she is and how committed she is to the cause.”

Violet and her son are facing charges with criminal trespassing. They're talking to an attorney about representing them pro-bono.

Violet says she may not make it back to the site to protest but believes she made her point.

“Denton is a good place to live, it’s worth defending,” she said.

You go, granny!