New Pizza Hut Box Doubles as Movie Projector!

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HONG KONG -  Nothing reigns supreme over a slice of pizza and a movie. Well, the folks at Pizza Hut are serving up just that. Introducing the "Blockbuster Box." It's a cardboard pizza box that transforms into a movie projector!

We'll call it projection perfection!

All you need is the special box and your smartphone. While the pizza's still hot, punch out the hole in the box and  pop in the lens.

But what if you don’t have a movie on your phone? Well, you can use a QR code on the box to download a movie. Movie night never tasted so good!

Tempted to try it? Well, this pizza isn't available for delivery in the U.S. just yet. Pizza Hut is launching this new box in Hong Kong.

Just think of all those perfect date nights, alone. Ha!

Hey, we don't mean to be cheesy, but pizza and movies are topping our hearts right now.