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Tight Security at Garland Graduations After Cartoon Contest Shooting

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GARLAND, TX -- If you’re heading to a graduation at the Curtis Culwell Center this weekend, you better be ready for some new security measures.

“There was a bag policy, a clear bag policy that went into effect at the first graduation,” said Chris Moore with Garland ISD. “We’re actually providing them those bags as well at the door, and all that information is also available at the Curtis Culwell website.”

Moore went on to say, “There’s an increased security presence there with the Garland police department. We always partner with them. There was an increase this year though."

It’s all in response to the Prophet Muhammed art contest shooting that took place at the Curtis Culwell Center back in May.

Well, one of the names attached to that contest has been back in the news this week.

Usaamah Rahim, who was shot and killed by Boston PD on Tuesday while brandishing a military knife, had planned to behead Pamela Geller, one of the organizers of the Garland event.

“They’re coming after me for violating the Sharia, for violating the blasphemy laws," Ms. Geller told CNN.

But folks in Garland aren’t letting news like that affect any of their plans at the Culwell Center.

In the end, for these high schooler’s getting their diplomas, the location of their graduation is a stark reminder that the world they’re stepping into is still very complicated.

Let’s hope the Class of 2015 has some answers.

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