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Flash & Crash: Southwest Extends $49 Sale After Site Crashes

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DALLAS – By now, we’re sure you’ve heard about Southwest Airlines’ 72-hour mega sale. We’re talking flights as low as 50 bucks, people.

Yeah, you can’t beat that with a stick.

There’s just one issue. It seems the airline’s site is experiencing a little turbulence. Once you enter the dates and destination for your trip, the site crashes, giving you an error message. And it’s preventing a lot of folks from booking their travel.

Hey, where’s IT when you need them?

You’d think Southwest would've fine tuned their site before the sale took off. Especially since June is prime time for fall travel sales.

Now the deal, which offers super low prices on flights from August 24 - December 16, has since been extended through Friday.

Here’s hoping this non-stop issue will have a smooth landing.

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