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“Breaking” News – Man Caught Smashing Windows in TV Parking Lot

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SEATTLE, WA – It seems one guy had an itch to go on a car window ‘smash and dash’ at a Seattle TV station parking lot -- and the incident was all caught on cam.
The suspect, 25-year-old Andrew McBride, made his rounds using a hammer to smash in windows with what seems no remorse.
However, it only took a moment for the journalistic reflexes to kick in for the station’s anchor, David Rose. After asking a series of questions, Rose goes on to tell McBride that is actions are – in a nutshell – freaking out his fellow employees. Rose followed McBride until the police arrived.

McBride was eventually arrested and faces Malicious Mischief charges. He’s being held on $10,000 bond.
Kudos to Rose for using his journalism principles to pin this window bashing bandit. Kinda puts a new spin on “breaking” news.

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