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Barbie’s Makeover: Barbie is Ditching the Heels after 56 Years

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EL SEGUNDO, CA-Hey ladies! If you've ever spent the day all dolled up and in a pair of pumps, you know it's no easy feat. Get it? No easy feet! Ha!

Well if not, just ask this girl, Barbie. She's been in those pointy stilettos for the last 56 years and boy has she been busy!

Hey, sprinting in stilettos ain't easy!

But it looks like Mattel is about to give a girl a break, introducing flats for Barbie!

But to go from heels to flats, Barbie will be fully equipped with adjustable ankles.

Along with the shoe swap, Mattel plans on rolling out their Fashionista line with Barbies of 8 different skin tones, 14 facial sculpts and many more features to make her look like us real girls.

Maybe someone needs to call up the human Barbie doll and let her know that even Barbie herself is letting loose.

Or perhaps it's best to leave the heels to special occasions.

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