WATCH: Wild Accident Sends Circus Acrobat Flying Out of Control

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HOUSTON – Amazement quickly turned to terror at the circus in Houston when a female acrobat fell 25-feet, slamming to the ground during a “hair hanging” stunt.

Cell phone video captured it all. Hundreds of kids and parents screamed in horror as the woman swung from a rocket ship, swinging by her hair when a mishap caused her to crash to the ground.

Thankfully, she is expected to be okay.

She is part of the professional acrobats known as Duo Garcia with Circo Hermanos Vazquez, a traveling act. The circus’ general manager, Lorena Vignaud tells CNN:

“The accident was the failure of the performers to properly latch a safety cord during the routine. It was a human error. These things happen at the circus. We all put all of our work in here. It’s a performance. It’s a live performance and that is what a lot of people don’t understand. Like balancing acts, like the strong men acts, all those kinds of acts they all have a risk. This act was one of the ones that was the highest risk of them all.”