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Teen Awaiting Liver Transplant Graduates High School in Hospital

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DALLAS - 17-year-old Izzy Tutor is in the fight of her life. She has Wilson's disease, a rare genetic disease that has destroyed her liver due to high amounts of copper her body can’t expel.

“It’s always amazing to see someone like her who is so passionate and resilient,” Dr. Ashish Patel with Children’s Medical Center said.

Her resilience is what keeps her strong, knowing she needs a liver transplant, but time is quickly running out.

“Anytime your child is sick, you wish you were in her place. And that's the hardest thing,” Izzy’s mom Joi Razinha said.

One of the hard things on the list is missing her graduation day at Lakeview Centennial High School in Garland.

Izzy knew the tassels, the cap, the gown and walking across the stage wouldn't happen. That's until graduation came to her. Along with her principal and a few other students, Izzy was presented her diploma at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

“You know, getting sick and not being a part of all the normal school functions, it made it have a lot more significance for me,” Izzy said.

For just one day, Izzy doesn’t have to think about waiting for a transplant, but she believes everything happens for a reason.

“I feel like it's helped me as a person and I think it will continue to help me grow as a person going forward.”

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