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Fire Ant Flotillas Firing Up in Local Flooded Lakes

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NORTH TEXAS - Lakes all over Texas are seriously overfull, with roads and parks still closed due to flooding.  But it turns out water isn't the only hazard that comes with rain. Another one?  Ants.

That's right, rising waters have forced thousands, if not millions, of the insects to abandon their homes and form flotillas.  A Facebook post by the City of The Colony shows one floating in Lewisville Lake.

Believe it or not, these "great balls of fire" are made of fire ants.  Some ants stay dry on top while some are underwater. They take turns.  They keep the queen alive near the center until they can find dry land where they build a new home.

If your skin isn't crawling yet, The Colony's post warns that when a person gets near one of these floating ant colonies, the ants "immediately use them as a human life raft."  Yikes!

And you thought sunburn was bad!

Hey, and ants aren't the only things that have been known to emerge from flooded lakes. Colonies of tubifex worms cling together, just like the ants do, when there's not enough soil to live in.  They then move around in blobs.  Ew!

When it comes to fire ants though, here's a suggestion, since water clearly doesn't extinguish them, maybe it's time to fight fire with fire.

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