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Denton Fracking Protesters Arrested

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DENTON, TX -- At first glance, Tara Linn Hunter might not look like she’s fresh out of jail. But she, along with Niki Chochrek and Jonathon Vann, found themselves in the back of a police car.

“We were arrested for trespassing,” Hunter said.

This wasn’t your everyday arrest.

“The officers were thanking us for our community service as they were arresting us,” she added.

“When I was being arrested, the officers were gentle, polite, very professional,” Vann said.  “They were just trying to enforce laws, and we were trying to enforce our law that we passed.”

Denton voted to ban fracking in November 2014, but House bill 40 overturned their vote. That means the frack right back.

“We gathered at the first frack site to be re-fracked since our ban was overturned,” Hunter explained.  “We stood there with a big copy of our ordinance, and they had to move our ordinance out of the way in order to let the frack trucks through. This is what it looks like when you take away the vote of the people.”

Three were locked up Monday and three more were taken into custody Tuesday for protesting at the site. They were all free within a matter of hours.

“I could see my community standing with me,” Chochrek said.  “In solidarity with all of them. And as I was being arrested, I could see the houses just across the street who are having to deal with all this.”

13-year-old Dylan Reeves lives in one of those houses.

“We care about our environment, and by them doing this, it’s really hurting the Earth,” Reeves said.  “We give you tax dollars, and you’re supposed to protect us.  You’re not.  You’re just standing aside while you’re letting us get all these harmful fumes.”

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