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Writer Says Biblically, Wives Must Submit to Sex

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DALLAS – A story making the rounds on social media is certainly raising eyebrows. Check out this headline from “There is No Such Thing as Marital Rape; Christian Website Says Wives Must Yield for Sex No Questions Asked.”

“I’m a Christian, but I think that’s ridiculous,” Delanie Hathaway said.

“A woman always has a say in whether she wants to have sex or not,” Cheyanne Morgan said.

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The article’s all about writings on the website “Biblical Gender Roles,” all from an anonymous writer.

Among the writer’s statements: “Despite American laws to the contrary, Biblically speaking, there is no such thing as “marital rape.”
And: “in the scriptures, the only way rape occurs is if a man forces himself on a woman who is not his property.”

His property? Really?

“A house is property. Land is property,” Chris Geter said. “A woman is not property. That’s your wife.”

The writer tries to acknowledge the controversy saying, “I realize this entire scenario is appalling to our modern western notions, but I choose to not challenge God’s wisdom in the laws He gave.”

And: “I am not advocating for a husband to physically force his wife to have sex with him.”

Well, that’s good to know.

Hey, we know there are a lot of believers out there and we’re not knocking religion. But you’d better read and understand the whole Book before you start taking this guy’s advice.

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