Evacuation Ordered: Horseshoe Bend residents Prepare for Rising River

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HORSESHOE BEND--Mark Moss and his family aren't taking any chances.

"(Our) main concern's just getting everybody safe and sound and getting them up out of the flood zone," he said.

They're one of a few hundred families who spent Wednesday evacuating Horseshoe Bay.

A mandatory evacuation order is in effect because of what's happening 100 miles upstream.

Possum Kingdom Lake is overfull, so the floodgates are open, sending water into the Brazos River.

The river's already pretty high in Horseshoe Bend. Wednesday night,it's expected to rise several feet.

Bruce Harbour's not too worried. He's been through floods before, like the big one in 2007. His family knows how to prepare, and he doesn't expect the water to get as high this time.

"We're pretty well prepared to stay if we have to," Harbor said. "We have enough canned goods and such that we could last for a week or two or three or four."

There's a shelter set up, but most folks are staying with relatives or in hotels, and hoping their home's okay when the water's gone.

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