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Reading Challenge Lets Students Hit Librarian in the Face With Pies!

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ADDISON, TX - Some teachers will do just about anything to get their kids to succeed in school. But how about a librarian?

"We challenged each class to read a hundred books or more,"  explained Holly Hatton, Librarian at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison.

The middle schoolers only had 13 weeks to read through thousands of pages.  Not an easy task. But if you ask the students, they'd tell you it was well worth the reward.

"The three classes that met this goal read well over a hundred books and the top readers in each class get to throw a pie in my face as a reward," Hatton said with a smile.

Yep, three cream-filled pies with sprinkles on top, of course.

Those three lucky students are -- 5th graders Payton Harper (read 125 books), Daniel Kwon (124), and Katherine Novakovich (109).

Oh, they didn't miss for sure.

And if you think for a minute Hatton is disappointed her students reached their goal, think again.

"I'm thrilled that we had three of the classes reach a hundred books or more," Hatton said. "Reading is to the brain what exercise is to the body. It expands your horizons. It builds your vocabulary."

And clearly, sprinkles lots of joy in these children's lives.

"Anything for the kids. It was worth it. Oh wow. Sprinkles for days. I`'l be finding sprinkles for days."

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