Ex-Husband Sentenced to 85 Years For Murdering Deanna Cook

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DALLAS - The verdict is in. After deliberating for most of Tuesday afternoon, jurors handed down an 85-year prison sentence for Delvecchio Patrick in the drowning death of his ex-wife, Deanna Cook.

After a week of testimony from both sides, perhaps it was the words that Deanna Cook's 16-year-old daughter spoke that sealed Patrick's fate.

"Please just open your minds and open your eyes to see that he took a mother away from two children."

Aniya Williams walked in and found her mother's decomposing body in their bathtub back in 2012. It's a memory she says she can't get out of her mind.

The court also heard testimony from Patrick's mother.

"I will never stop loving my son," Toni Patrick said in court. "I have the same relationship. We talk about everyday, just about."

But just before the jury deliberated, the State played Deanna Cook's 911 call for the third and final time. It proved to be too much for Cook's family, who walked out the courtroom.

Deanna Cook's death drew scrutiny after her horrific 911 call took Dallas Police almost an hour later to respond.

Deanna Cook's family now has the justice they've been looking for.

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