Plano PD Increases Presence for Biker Funeral

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PLANO, TX -- It was the shootout that shook-up Texas.

The deadly biker brawl in Waco left nine dead, 18-injured and police departments all across the state on high alert.

On Saturday, cops in Plano had a plan in place; a funeral for one of the victims was held there this afternoon. Plano PD would not go into detail, but said they increased officers for traffic direction.

It looked like they increased more than just that. Hey – we get it; this is a sensitive time: emotions are high and the word retaliation has been thrown around a lot lately.

So, cops didn’t want to take chances at the memorial service for 47-year-old Rick “Bear” Kirschner. He was a member of the Cossacks, one of the biker gangs invoved in Sunday’s shooting.

In a statement, Plano Police Chief Gregory W. Rushin said: “The safety of our community and citizens is our highest priority. We are not aware of any threats or safety concerns associated with the funeral but are taking all necessary precautions.”

Rightfully so; after all, no one wants to see a repeat of what happened in Waco. Here’s hoping this entire situation will be laid to rest soon.

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