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Emergency Plan: Dallas EOC Sets Trinity River Evacuation Plan

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DALLAS-What a difference a year makes, this time a year ago we were dealing with a severe drought; now we're just trying to keep our heads above water!

The National Weather Service says to date North Texas has been doused with about 22 inches of rain and it looks like Mother Nature isn't done yet.

More rain is expected over the holiday weekend, anywhere between one to three inches is expected to fall.

This is bad news for our already swollen lakes and folks who live near them.

So, with the threat of flash floods, the Dallas Office of Emergency Management met on Friday.

The team talked about "what if" scenarios. As in what if folks along the Trinity River levee have to pack up and go.

Hey, if this is what the Trinity looks like now, we'd hate to see what happens with more rain.

"So what we've looked at today is our Trinity River evacuation plan in case we do have to evacuate by making sure all the players all the responders are here," said Rocky Vaz, Director of the Office of Emergency Management.

Flood control workers say they'll monitor the levee closely but say there's no need to panic yet.

"My major concern is for people to obey and follow the signs, don’t try to cross through flooded streets,” said Dhruv Pandya, Assistant Director of Trinity Watershed Management.

Crews will be on hand in case things get, well, a little wet and wild over the weekend.

Stay safe out there!

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