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Cops Find Hundreds of Weapons Stashed at Biker Shooting Scene

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WACO - The scene at Twin Peaks in Waco looked a little different on Wednesday. After clearing the parking lot of hundreds of motorcycles and vehicles, Waco police initially said they discovered more than a thousand weapons from the restaurant. They now say there were more than 300 weapons left behind.

"There are very aggressive assault knives there are weapons such as firearms, he highest caliber weapon we've recovered is an AK-47," said Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department.

Cops say they've found firearms in the most peculiar places -- a gun stuffed inside a bag of tortilla chips, weapons wedged between bags of flour, a handgun left in a toilet.

"That is not a family club. These were vicious gang members that were in our city Sunday," said Swanton.

With the crime scene cleared, crews were cleaning up Sunday’s mess, hosing down sidewalks and cleaning tables.

The biker brawl apparently stemmed from a dispute over parking. It left nine people dead, including four from North Texas. Now 170 bikers are arrested.

But it's one of those arrested that caught our eye, and it's not just because of the beard. Martin Lewis, a retired police detective from San Antonio, is now spending time behind bars after a 32-year career in law enforcement.

All suspects are being held on a $1 million bail and charged with engaging in organized crime.

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