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Personalized Plates with Concealed Bad Words

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AUSTIN - It's hard to stand out in traffic. Some people do it with their license plates. 120,000 thousand Texans have personalized or vanity plates.

A guy in Rockwall came up with an attention-grabber. It reads DV3H KID. That's until you turn it upside down like he did. At least he gave other drivers a heads up.

A Houston guy got word last month that the state's canceling his personalized plate.

"370h55V--V as in Victor," Safer Hassan said.

The problem isn't with those letters. Again, it's what you see when you turn it upside down! Yep, seven-letter bad word, a*****e.

The state sent him a letter saying, "It has been determined that the personalization is offensive."

"I definitely think the state is overreaching their boundary," Hassan said.

Then there's this plate in Oklahoma LGBTALY. Don't see the problem? The Oklahoma Tax Commission turned it down saying it, "Carries a sexual connotation."

"It's not sexual. It's about who people are as human beings," Dr. John Keefe said.

Yeah, the driver is a straight guy but considers himself an "ally" to the LGBT community. And he's suing the state to get his plate.

"This is about the freedom of speech," Keefe said.

And it's about the right to share your feelings with everyone on the road.

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