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Dallas PD Releases Revised Policy on Cop Watchers

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DALLAS - Thanks to smart phones, it seems everyone is camera ready these days. Especially for those who turn it on the cops. In some cases, these cop watchers get pretty close to the action.

DPD released it's revised policy Wednesday on recording cops at work. It says officers can’t prevent folks from documenting what's happening unless people “interrupt disrupt, impede or otherwise interfere” with officers who are trying to do their jobs.

Some folks feel the policy is too vague and could step on your Constitutional rights, although the policy does say it will ensure everyone’s rights.

“When I saw the final my first reaction was, they forgot to scan the rest of it,” Avi Adelman said.

Adelman  is a photographer who started out shooting weddings and social events. Then he started shooting breaking news.

“Ran into issues where the cops and the firemen would sit there and say, 'don't you take that picture,'" Adelman said.

We reached out to DPD about the changes, but the department declined to comment.

“The department can sit there and close their hands and say this is all we're saying. It's not going away," Adelman said. "I know I'm not letting it go away.”

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