Turn Around, Don’t Drown! North Texas Bracing for More Flooding

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NORTH TEXAS - Well, it might not be time to "swim for the hills" here in Texas, but hey, the rain's not done with us yet!

Up in Denton, the Army Corps of Engineers is keeping watch on Lakes Lewisville and Ray Roberts.  Campsites are closed, and overflowing water has forced residents to find higher ground.

In Dallas, the Trinity River is way higher than it's been in years. But there hasn't been any serious flooding here.  Dhruv Pandya and Trinity Watershed Management intend to keep it that way.

The brand new Baker No. 3 Pump Station is still under construction, but it's being used to pump water from Dallas streets into the Trinity.

Pandya says the station will eventually pump 700,000 gallons per minute.  Hey, that's like flushing over 7,000 toilets per second!

Parts of the Trinity Skyline Trail are already underwater, and as Pandya reminded folks Tuesday, it doesn't take much water to become dangerous.

"A fast-flowing six inches of water can knock an adult down," Pandya said.

Hikers and bikers alike are being warned not to ignore warning signs, but apparently not everyone's listening.

Hey, be careful out there folks.

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