Fight Over Parking Spot May Have Set Off Biker Gang Shootout

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WACO – Gangs, guns, turf wars. It sounds like a plot straight out of “Sons of Anarchy.” But it really happened in Waco with nine dead and 170 bikers in jail. Investigators now face the monumental task of piecing together all the clues left behind at the Twin Peaks scene.

But first, they need to find the three bikers who were mistakenly released!

The McLennan County Sheriff says the trio was given a $50,000 bond before the magistrate sent the $1 million blanket bond for all 170 arrested. Now the hunt is on to find them and put them back in the slammer.

Waco police have been forthcoming about the facts but started a press conference Tuesday slamming a report that police killed hall of the dead bikers.

“I will tell you, whoever told you that, that person belongs on CSI because the autopsies have not been completed,” Sgt. Patrick Swanton said. “And it is impossible at this point to determine that fact.”

Now to the facts.

Police say Sunday’s bloodbath started innocently enough, with a planned meeting of one group of bikers who were invited to come to Twin Peaks.

“They had rented out or asked for the outdoor bar area, specifically for a meeting they were having of a group of invited biker gangs,” said Swanton.

Things went sour when an uninvited biker gang showed up, creating a turf war. There was a fight inside the restaurant. As for the fight outside, police believe somebody had their foot run over, which started the fight in the parking lot.

Police say of the 18 people that were taken to hospitals, seven remain, and most are improving.

bikersAccording to CNN, a former informant who infiltrated biker clubs says the beef was primarily between the Bandidos and Cossacks.

It boils down to territory, said the informant, who goes by the name “Charles Falco.”

“The Bandidos are the biggest motorcycle gang in Texas, and they don’t allow other motorcycle gangs to enter that state. They will allow other motorcycles clubs to exist, but they’re not allowed to wear that state bottom rocker. If they do, they face the onslaught of the Bandidos,” Falco told CNN’s Sara Sidner.

The Cossacks decided that they were big enough now to go ahead and wear the Texas bottom rocker, and basically tell the Bandidos that they’re ready for war,” he said.

“It’s definitely on, now,” he said. “As long as they exist, they will be at war.”

Police have a warning to bikers looking for revenge.

“We would encourage biker groups to stand down,” Sgt. Swanton said. “There’s been enough bloodshed, enough death here, we don’t need additional death in the Waco area.”

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