Students Sue School After Class Requires Vaginal Exams

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ORLANDO, FL - Okay, doing the spread eagle for a check-up can probably be checked off as one of the most uncomfortable experiences in life ever. But imagine if your school professor forced you to climb into the stirrups in order to make the grade.

Two former Valencia College students are suing the school and three instructors after they say they had to undergo a mandatory transvaginal probe as part of the college's Diagnostic Medical Sonography Associate's Program.

"They were told they could go to another program or that their grades would be reduced and that they would be blacklisted within the medical community,” attorney Christopher Dillingham explained.

“When our clients went to orientation, these vaginal ultrasounds were positioned as voluntary. However, as time went on it became clear that they were anything but."

Every week, the two students claim they underwent vaginal exams performed by their peers. Even worse, one of the students playing doc was a male student.


In a statement, Valencia College claims that, “The use of volunteers, including fellow students, is a nationally accepted practice.” They also added that their program was voluntary, professional and supervised by faculty.

This is the same kind of mess an art professor in San Diego is in after he reportedly made 20 of his students get butt booty naked for an "Erotic Self-Final."

Geesh, whatever happened to encouraging students to actually dress for success?

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