Plastic Problems: Examining the Impact of Dallas’ Bag Ordinance

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DALLAS - For folks who shop in the city of Dallas, the answer to paper or plastic is a no brainer.

“Most of the feedback is, 'I don't want a bag or I don't want to pay for a bag,'” said Parkit Market co-owner Tony Todora.

Yeah, the city is five months into its plastic bag ordinance where folks have to pay at least a nickel for bags that used to be free.

“Some folks get a little belligerent, I mean it's not often, but sometimes the customer will say, 'that's ridiculous, I'm not going to pay for a bag,'” Todora explained.

Joseph Bickham, the VP of Business development with Fuel City said, “They’re fewer people taking one-time disposable bags out of the store.”

For some of the smaller business around Dallas, the cost of the ordinance can get pricey. Mom & Pop store owners say they’ve also seen shoplifting on the rise.

With the bag boycott, cashiers have to get used to customers simply walking out with merchandise, even when they paid for it.

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