Kanye Gets Outperformed By Censorship At Billboard Music Awards

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- If you didn't tune into this year's Billboard Music Awards , Taylor Swift racked up eight awards, the Jenner sisters got ‘boo-ed’, and Beyonce  ... JK. Unfortunately, she wasn't there.

But Kanye West did show up and show out for a performance that folks back at home could barely see -- or hear!

Yeah, go ahead and hang up with your cable company, now you know the golden silence was ABC's censorship.

Scratch that; let's just blame it all on Kanye!

Yeah, the rapper's lyrics from his singles ‘All Day' and 'Black Skin Head' had so much profanity that the five-minute performance kept getting interrupted by total silence. We counted and it actually added up to a full minute of muted bursts.

Uh, Yeezy, remember when you interrupted T-Swift back in the day? Well...   Kanye, meet karma!

By the looks of social media posts, some Yeezy fans did feel a little cheated by the heavy censorship.


While the haters were apparently grateful to get a minute break from Kanye's rant.


Sorry Kanye, no artist wants to have their hard work blocked by the mute button. Then again, it's Kanye, so this might have been part of his big plan!

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