Cook Children’s Hosts Annual Bedpan Golf Tournament for Kids

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FORT WORTH - When you hear the word, "bed pan," you might make a sad face. But Cook Children’s turned that frown upside down and made bed pans fun!

“That’s exactly what it is,” Grant Harris, VP of the Cook Children’s Foundation said. “Twenty-six years ago, we started this tournament. It allows kids to come down, who are both inpatient and outpatient.  The one requirement is that there’s got to be a bed pan on every hole.”

That’s right! This is a golf tournament using bedpans. Jewel Charity and Colonial country club are helping raise a lot of for the hospital.

Jewel Charity and Colonial Country Club are helping raise a lot of green for the hospital.

“For them [the children] to want to come out with all the courage to participate in this event is a major contribution,” Joe Monteleone, Chair of the Cook Children’s Charity Golf Classic said.

Yeah, these little guys are getting pretty good.

“You had to hit it through the tunnel, and there’s a color in there, and so you go in there, and whatever color it lands on in the hole, that’s the color prize you get,” Laney Whitefield explained.  “I thought it was pink.” Maizey Whitefield added.

And even a few pros were on hand to help out.

“To be able to put a smile on some of their faces, makes me feel very lucky,” Sam Saunders said.  “It’s very humbling to come here and see these kids who are going through some tough times.”

Tough times on which golf pro Jarrod Lyle has a bird’s eye perspective.

“When I was 17, I spent nine months in a Children’s hospital with leukemia. To see all these kids out here today, it kind of brings back a lot of memories. Just to see them smiling is a big positive.”

Now that’s a hole-in-one!

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