5-Year-Old Has Mom Buy Homeless Man Meal at Waffle House

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PRATTVILLE, AL - It's another story straight from the Waffle House diaries. This time, the main character is 5-year-old  Josiah Duncan of Prattville, Alabama. The kid's getting a lot of praise for his good deed at the neighborhood Waffle House.

He and his mom Ava Faulkner went to the 24-hour restaurant on an empty stomach not knowing that they would end up filling three bellies instead of just two.

"He didn't have no food,” Josiah explained.

Their surprise dinner date was a homeless man who made his way to a booth when Josiah asked his mom to buy him a meal.

“He just kind of sat there and Josiah jumped up and asked him if he needed a menu because you can't order without one,” Faulkner said.

And instead of ordering the All-Star Special, the homeless man upgraded to a burger with extra bacon.

"He said, 'can I have bacon?' and I told him get as much bacon you want."

But Josiah's wish to feed his new buddy wasn't the only thing that had everybody in the house tearing up.

"I wanted to say the blessing with him," Josiah explained.

Before the homeless man could take one bite, Josiah started singing, "Thank you for our blessings. Thank you for our blessings."

"The man just cried. And everybody else in Waffle House was crying," Faulkner added.

Since the sweet encounter, Josiah and his mom believe they may have been touched by an angel.

"You never know who the angel on earth, and when the opportunity comes you should never walk away from it," Faulkner added.

Hey, that's one tip that's sure to warm any heart even more than those greasy sausage patties.

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