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Local Biker Reacts to Waco Shootout: ‘We’re the 99%’

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NORTH TEXAS -- By now, you've probably seen the biker brawl blow-up down in Waco.  Wow; what a mess.

But, before you start to put all bikers on blast, one guy says you should slow your roll.

"It's very sad that this happened.  It's horrible and unfortunate and everybody on the road now is looking at us, ya know? 'Were you there?  Were you part of this?  Is that your culture?'" he said.

The local motorcycle rider asked to remain anonymous; hey, can you blame him?  The situation is pretty serious.  He says tensions are so high after what happened Sunday, riders are afraid to speak about it, out of fear of retaliation.

He passed along this interesting detail:  He says less than 1% of bikers are tied to criminal activity.

"We're the 99%.  We're the ones out there every day that the public interacts with," he said.

So basically, just because they're on two wheels doesn't make them bad dudes.  It's always unfortunate when one bad move overrides the good guys.

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