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Blank Stare: Did Comedian Louis C.K. Really Just Say That on SNL?

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NEW YORK CITY, NY- If you stayed up late to watch SNL 40 season finale Saturday night, you probably went to bed sick!

Either from laughing too hard or offended by the host's monologue. Louis C.K.’s joke about child molestation fell flat with lots of viewers.

The comedian reminisced on his neighborhood child molester, pointing out the fate of those who are caught doing it.

He also noted how child molesters, “...are very tenacious people” and “From their point of view, it must be amazing to risk so much!”

Check out the full monologue:

As you can imagine, the 'joke' had the Twitter-verse talking. Some folks were offended, calling his stunt anything but funny!


While others brushed off the joke and tweeted that it was "daringly edgy!"



And for those who didn't end up flipping the channel, they caught a bizarre performance from Rihanna.

And yes your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. There was a random chick tied up in the back seat of RiRi’s on-stage car.

Okay SNL, if you were planning to end this season with a bang,  congrats -- looks like you accomplished your comedic mission!

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