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Flash Flooding Swamps North Texas

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JOHNSON COUNTY, TX -- It seems North Texas just can’t catch a break from mother nature. Yet another round of showers moved into the area Saturday night and quickly created problems, especially out in Johnson County.

This is the second straight week folks out there have had to seek drier ground.

"This area here was probably a foot," resident Bryan Junge explained. "It flowed for about three days like that. It was pretty bad.”

The Red Cross says seven homes in the area were damaged in Sunday’s flash floods. The relief agency remains on alert as storms remain in the immediate forecast.

So, just how much rain are we talking about? A map from the National Weather Service shows over an inch of rain fell across much of North Texas. Some folks even saw over 4-inches; that’s a lot of rain, considering our soil is already so saturated.

Hey, flooding wasn’t just isolated to Johnson County. A picture of a flooded street at Rose Park in Mansfield was posted on Twitter.

Another pic was taken of a downed tree in Mineral Wells; and strong winds really beat up a newly built home in that area.

Keep in mind: folks living near the swollen Trinity River are under a flood warning.  Friends, it looks like we’re in for a rough spring.
Here’s your friendly NewsFix reminder: turn around, don’t drown.

Stay safe out there.

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