‘Human Barbie’ Re-Emerges as ‘Amazonian Warrior’ in New Photos

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Credit: Valeria Lukyanova

Credit: Valeria Lukyanova

Months after claims that she was injured in a violent attack near her home, Valeria Lukyanova, known as “Human Barbie,” is back in the public eye.

In newly-released photos, she sports a six-pack and a lot more muscle.

Life and Style Magazine reports that Lukyanova, 29, said she was tired of her thin build and flat stomach and wanted to “channel an Amazonian warrior instead.”

Lukyanova has received feedback from all over the world for her lifestyle. She’s had several procedures as part of her transformation, and at one point said she wanted to live without having to eat or drink.

Most photos Valeria has posted show her with a large amount of make-up, but several months ago, she started to post more natural selfies online.

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