Domino’s Rolling Out Tweet-a-Pizza Emoji Ordering

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DALLAS - If you've ever thought life was just too hard to handle, well,  Domino's Pizza just might make things a little easier for you! Get this, it's launching a new "tweet-to-order" tool that lets customers place a direct pizza order via Twitter.

All you have to do is tweet slice-of-pizza to the company's Twitter handle. In Domino's lingo that's, "I want pizza, NOW!”

Then they'll DM to confirm the order and your favorite pie will be on its way.

Yeah, Domino's says this new tool will appeal to a more tech-savvy but time-short younger crowd.

So, for those who don't have time to do things the old school way, no worries, starting May 20, just tweet the magic emoji and Domino's has you covered.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say these emojis are starting to take over the world. Soon, it'll be the norm to tweet for food, a new car, and other life luxuries.

Yeah, Thomas Edison would never have predicted this bright idea!