Women Kicked Out Kessler Theater Go on Offensive Rant

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OAK CLIFF - Some people are little bit country. Some are a little bit rock 'n' roll, and other people are just a little out of control. At least that's the buzz from a now infamous viral video taken at The Kessler Theater Thursday.

It shows two women getting kicked out of a Lee Ann Womack concert, and it isn't hard to see why. At times, the women were very belligerent towards the man recording with his cell phone.

The women were kicked out of the concert because people complained they were talking too loud. Hard to believe, we know.

One of the women became curious about the man behind the camera's hair hygiene.

“How many times has a comb been through that hair?”

To commemorate the incident, Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern put up a sign -- "Please no fringe boots in the hood."

Who knew that a night out to see Lee Ann Womack could turn into such a show for the people outside the venue? But hey, nothing wrong with expressing yourself in the hood right?