Tornado Rips Through Van, Texas

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VAN, Texas - In a small town like Van, when a tornado strikes, everyone in town knows the folks who were hardest hit.

About 30% of the town had damage of some kind.

Two people were killed and 47 injured.

The town of 2,600, about 70 miles east of Dallas, took a direct hit about 8:45pm Sunday night.

The National Weather Service says an EF3 tornado with winds up to 140 miles an hour hit the town.

And boy, did people respond.

It took just a few hours to get a shelter up and running, just in time for the 50 folks who needed it.

Other volunteers were already gathering food and water for storm victims, and a church was accepting clothes for anyone in need.

The storm damaged two schools, which will stay closed for the rest of the semester.

In a small town like Van, "job one" is taking care of each other.