Retaining Wall Crumbles in Carrollton Neighborhood

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CARROLLTON, TX - It's a nice break from the rain, right? Well, not too fast. It ain’t all good in one neighborhood.

“When our neighbor built this, it was literally level with the land. Now you can see, it’s quite a step-down,” Carrollton resident Sharon Weekes said.

NewsFix has been keeping an eye on what used to be a huge retaining wall in a Carrollton neighborhood. These backyards now look like they’re falling off a cliff.  And after years of fighting, these folks say they’re still stuck between a rock, a hard place, and a whole lot of water.

“It's our daily life for the past six or seven years,” Weekes explained.  “I have to mow and edge, and at some point, they even tried to hold us responsible for mowing behind the wall.”

The wall used to be about 12 feet high.  On GPS, the marker "Underwood Lake" is written directly above a row of houses.  According to this, the Weekes’ home is smack dab in the middle of, you guessed it, a lake.

And while it might be dry now, things looked like a lake this weekend. The rain brought in some visitors, too.  We ain’t talking houseguests either.

“They touched it, and it was a snake. [My neighbor] said it was a 6-foot python.”

Not to mention the raccoons and all kinds of critters that are looking to rent a room.

“That’s a one-way trap because a raccoon took residence in their attic. We have no control over who [or what] we invite in our home now, because of the retaining wall, and we can’t put up a fence. To get the attic treated, and to get the traps set, it was a $4,000 bill for her."

Looks like in this case, when it rains, well, you know the rest.