End Of An Idol Era: Fox Cancels American Idol after 15 Seasons

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HOLLYWOOD, CA- The American Idol stage, for many aspiring singers, it was the ultimate goal!
Now the show that made household names out of Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood will be belting out its final season.
On Monday, Fox announced the end of one of America's guilty obsessions after a 15 season run.
While we watched for the talent that the show drew from all over the country, admit it: The best part about watching Idol was the audition rounds that went totally wrong!!!
Hey, not to mention those callous Simon Cowell insults!
All jokes aside, Idol set the stage for other shows like the' X Factor' and 'The Voice' and created a phenomenon.
If you're wondering about the judges??? Well, you can expect to see J-Lo, Keith and Harry behind the judge`s chairs one final time!