Did You Miss It? Trinity River Gets Over Flood Stage

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DALLAS - If you brought your family to see the Trinity River all filled up Tuesday, you're a day late.

"I just wanted my daughter to see what it looks like," said Lisa Estep, who grew up in Oak Cliff.

It got close to 36 feet Monday, thanks to all the heavy rain we got last week.  By Tuesday, it was back down.

"It's been a few years, but the Trinity floods like this every three to five years," Estep said.

The last time it got this high was March 2012 at 38 feet.  The highest it's ever been?  Over 52 feet in 1908.

"I've seen it further downstream, the rivers overflowed over the banks," said Chris Pena, who also grew up in Oak Cliff.

"I think it takes regular, consistent rain over a period of time," Estep said.

'Consistent' is what we are getting in the next 10 days, with a 50% chance of rain.  It makes you wonder if we could get close to that 50-foot mark this year.

"Possibly get overflowed here pretty soon. We don't know when. When the rains coming it does get pretty high," Pena said.

After seeing it get up to 35 feet, it raises questions about whether the Trinity River Park will ever open.

"Unless they can control the river from flooding, I don't think it's a good idea. They've made many attempts on trying to get this to where they can control it but ain't nobody been successful yet," Pena said.

"I do wonder what is going to happen if it floods. It does flood often enough that I think it`s going to cost a lot of maintenance," Estep said.