A Final Goodbye: Jim Wright Funeral Held in Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH --  On Monday, it didn't matter what side of the aisle you sat on, thousands of politicians and supporters gathered to honor the life of Jim Wright.
The former Speaker of the House died in Fort Worth Wednesday at the age of 92.

His service at the First United Methodist Church Fort Worth was filled with prayer, music and tributes from those closest to him.

"Fort Worth is a great city today because of Jim Wright.  We all owe him a great debt of gratitude.  We may never see his like again," Martin Frost said.

"He was my dear friend and I stood with him in every fight,' said Bill Alexander.

"The people there, they know when you're sick and they care when you die, you have validated the recitation of that quote by honoring him and coming here," said Paul Driskell.

Wright served 34 years in Congress, including two years as House Speaker before returning to Fort Worth and sharing his knowledge with students at TCU for 20 years.

He is buried at the City Greenwood cemetery in Fort Worth.

Perhaps President John F. Kennedy said it best about Jim Wright. "I don`t know any other city that is better represented in Congress of the United States than Fort Worth."