Texas Texts: New TexMoji App Creates Lone Star Friendly Icons

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AUSTIN, TX – Let’s face it, when it comes to Emojis, most folks can’t seem to text without em. Well, Texas is in for a texting treat. Insert, TexMoji. It’s a new app with the first state-centric emoji keyboard. And it represents the Lone Star state.

The app offers everything from tacos, to an 85 mile per hour speed limit sign. You’ve also got an armadillo, Shiner Beer, Willie Nelson’s braids, Big D, H-Town, the Alamo. Hell, there’s even a Whataburger icon.
It looks like Blue Bell made the cut, too. Let’s take a moment of silence for that.

Now, hold on to your cowboy boots; the app isn’t out yet, but it’s set to launch sometime in June. Hey, it’s good to know there are some emojis on the way that will actually make sense.

So whether you’re Texas made, or simply Texas proud; be ready to rep it – when you text it.