Scots Fest: Highland Games in Arlington

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Arlington, TX - The Stone Put, Haggis and Mash... and more kilts than you can shake your bagpipe at. The Scottish Highland games in Arlington provided the perfect opportunity for Texans to celebrate their Scottish heritage.

Or in other words:

“If it’s not Scottish it’s crap,” says Ken Stewart.

If there isn't competition, then it's not Scottish. So, in addition to the traditional music and food, folks engaged in events that date back an estimated one thousand years.

“It’s nor really similar to anything else that I can think of, Irish dancing is a lot different, clogging tap dancing,” says dancer Katy Potter. “I think it`s really rewarding to do something that has been going on since the 10 hundreds.”

“ There is a lot of myths and mystery as to where the games come from but everyone agrees they were to prepare for war,” says athletic director Aaron Woods. “To keep with tradition we require everyone to wear a kilt. I’ve forced a few people into kilts after if they like they sport they get over it real quick because it’s all about camaraderie.”

For the curious, there was an opportunity to determine just how much Scottish blood coursed through their veins.

“I think they identify with their culture more so than any other country I can think of,” says Rebecca Taylor of The Genealogy Guru.

So to one and all: Lang may yer lim reek... or in english: may you live long a stay well.