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Chew on This: Dugg Burger

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EAST DALLAS -- These days it’s pretty safe to say burgers come a dime dozen. But if you’re looking for a burger that’s unique, you don’t have to dig too far. Just go to Dugg Burger, in Dallas.

So what makes this spot so special?

"They scoop out the top of the bun top part of the bun, give it nice toast and hold all the toppings in real nice,” Scott Terraciano-Spence said. “It's a duggout bun, Dugg Burger."

Okay, we see what you did there.

That’s the nifty idea Scott Terraciano-Spence and his three partners came up with after spending a couple of years in the food biz.

"We decided we wanted to try our own restaurant concept and we knew we wanted to focus on one thing and do it really, really well,” Spence said.

Well, that makes sense. And when it comes to Dugg Burger, there’s an art to getting the perfect “dugout” bun.

"We've even got a special tool for doing that and a special grilling utensil we use to make sure the inside of that bun gets toasted as well as the outside,” Spence said.

We know what you’re thinking, these guys are wasting a ton of bread, right? Wrong! Chew on this, Dugg Burger uses the extra bread they scoop out of the buns to make a decadent bread pudding. Talk about a sweet save!

What’s even sweeter? Dugg offers 12 toppings; from onion strings, to fire-roasted jalapenos, to their very own Dugg sauce. Oh, and bacon – of course.

"What we do is, to mix it up just a little bit, we have one topping that changes every day,” Spence said. “We call it "Lucky 13."

And if you’re looking for something healthier, Dugg Burger has an off-menu salad option.

Hey, who couldn’t dig that?

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