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This is How Much Mom’s Should Get Paid…

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DALLAS -- The hunt is on for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. A mother’s love has no price tag. But if you could get a check for how much a mother’s work is worth, how much would you cash in?

“We have a two-year-old, so there’s toys all over the house,” Leah Barfield said.

“Laundry and dishes and all that fun stuff,” Michelle Villarreal added.

Cleaning Service  $35/hour

“Shuttling the kids around to sports and stuff,” Scott Burns said.

Chauffeur $35/hour

“She’s really good at helping out with homework every night,” he added.

Tutor $20/hour

“I’m going through some health issues so she’s always there to take care of me,” J.J. Clark said of his wife.

Home Health Care $125/day

Crunch those numbers. Mom is making approximately a cool $45,000  a week, and that’s not even the half! Moms (and dads) do way more than that!

“Leah is the glue that keeps the family going, the oil that keeps the machine running,” Scott said. “I don’t know if I can list all of them. Little and big, she’s done everything for me."

But a mother’s love? Priceless!

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