JFK Conspiracy Theorist Battling City of Dallas Again

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DALLAS - tons of tourists visit Dealey Plaza every day, taking pictures, pointing out where JFK was killed.  Or literally standing on the X which marks the spot.

But there's one guy that gets more attention than anything else. Robert Groden, JFK conspiracy theorist.

"I was warned the city would try to get rid of me," Groden said.

He's been sitting at the same spot for 19 years selling his magazines, books, and DVDs.

"I'm here because I want people to know there is an alternative to the official Warren Commission fiction. I'm not breaking any laws. I haven't broken any laws," he said.

But apparently the City of Dallas and the folks at the Sixth Floor Museum don't see it that way.

"I've been thrown in jail a couple of times. The city has ticketed me here in Dealey Plaza 83 times," Groden explained.

Yep, 83 times! So far, a judge has tossed out all the tickets.

"The federal judge told them to leave us alone and the district attorney said they wouldn't harass us."

But it looks like it ain't over yet.

The Dallas Observer has been reporting on Groden's legal troubles for years.  The latest chapter?  Last week, Groden was given a warning to take down his big yellow sign that reads, "Grassy Knoll" or they'll slap him with another ticket for violating the city's sign ordinance.

"I've never heard anyone say it was ugly. Almost everybody comes down and wants their picture taken with it."

So, does Groden think there's a conspiracy against him?

"Yeah, there's a conspiracy. I'm not saying there's no justification for paranoia in this case. There really is. They want us out of here."

Hey, don't expect him to stop preaching his second gunman on the Grassy Knoll gospel.  He plans to be sitting there awhile, despite that target on his back.

"As long as I' m breathing, as long as I can get down here, I'll be here."

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