Wright’s Legacy: Jim Wright Dies at 92 in Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH- To the people of District 12 in Fort Worth, Jim Wright was not only their representative in Washington, D.C., but someone who would stand up for the right of each individual.

On Wednesday, the former House Speaker died in a nursing home in Fort Worth at the age of 92.

But Wright's deals in D.C. also affected the way we traveled for decades with the Wright Amendment, set in place to prevent flights out of Love Field from flying anywhere but Texas and its surrounding states without switching planes.

In October, the Wright Amendment expired and the folks at Love Field, well, felt the love!

Wright's career in congress lasted 34 years, but it was his last two as speaker that were a bit controversial. Wright stepped down as speaker in 1989 after allegations that he used bulk purchases of his book to earn speaking gigs and charged more than the allowed maximum.

But even after all that controversy, Wright found himself back home in Fort Worth as a professor at TCU.

Perhaps the inscription at his exhibit in the Fort Worth Stockyards says it best: “Fort Worth loves him!”

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