New Video as Grand Jury Reviews Grapevine Cop Shooting Case

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GRAPEVINE, TX -- December 12, 2014.  A Lewisville police officer sees a truck driving erratically.  He turns on his lights. The driver of the truck is Ruben Garcia Villalpando.  He pulls over, takes and fails a field sobriety test and is charged with DWI.

Fast forward to February 20 of this year.  Villalpando is again spotted driving recklessly by police, this time in Grapevine.

Details are fuzzy on exactly what happened next.  What we do know is that it ended with Villalpando fatally shot by a Grapevine cop.

That case is now in the hands of a grand jury in Tarrant County.  They'll decide whether to indict or no-bill Officer Robert Clark.  He testified Thursday and the grand jury decision could come as soon as Friday.

There's been plenty of controversy over the dashcam footage from the shooting, which has not been released.

Villalpando's family has seen the footage. They say he cooperated and that his hands were up when shots were fired.

They point to the just-released video from Villalpando's previous arrest, showing he wasn't aggressive, even under the influence of way too much alcohol.

But did he respond differently when he was facing arrest for the second time in two months?

The Tarrant County DA says once the grand jury decides this case, that dash-cam video will be released. Once it is, folks can decide for themselves if justice was served.

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