A Really Grand Opening: Nebraska Furniture Mart Officially Opens

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THE COLONY - Thursday was the official grand opening of one of the biggest mega-stores ever. The Nebraska Furniture Mart could be a billion dollar goldmine. That's how much they expect in sales in just the first year at what is the undisputed largest home furnishing store in the USA.

We're talking 560,000 square feet! Makes you wonder what the light bill will look like for The Colony's newest superstore.

Nebraska Furniture Mart President Rob Blumkin says he’s not looking forward to finding out anytime soon. “I don`t know...and I`m afraid to find out, I`m going have a heart attack.”

“I don't know and I'm afraid to find out," Blumkin said. "I'm going have a heart attack.”

And with over 2,300 employees, Mayor Joe McCourry believes this place is going to bring big bucks to surrounding businesses too.

“With the restaurants and things that are coming out of the ground already, that 2,300 is just going to grow. That economic benefit to the community, to the area, is just phenomenal," Mayor McCourry explained.

They're predicting 10 million customers will “shop & drop” here and the sales tax revenues alone will be in the mega-millions.

“I think it would take you about an hour to walk through the entire place if you weren't even shopping for anything,” said first-time shopper Rhonda Bennett, who's blown away by how gigantic the store is.

This place could double as a fitness center. Who knew? So wear your running shoes, pack a light lunch and go buy something for your momma for Mother's Day.

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