4.0 Earthquake Shakes North Texas

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VENUS, TX - It's not the "Big One," but it's the biggest one yet for DFW. We're talking about the 4.0 magnitude earthquake that rattled parts of Johnson and Tarrant Counties Thursday night.

It's the strongest quake ever to hit North Texas to date, and the tiny town of Venus was right in the epicenter of all the shaking.

We know what you're thinking, quakes are the new normal for Texas. So, what's the big deal? Well, Irving -- shall we say, the quake capital of North Texas -- has only registered quakes up to 3.6.

The good news is there were no reports of injuries and there wasn't much damage.

But we've all seen how devastating these events can be. Folks in Nepal are still digging through the rubble.

The USGS and SMU scientists both think fracking is to blame. Seismologists issued a statement Friday saying they're "not surprised" the quakes around here are getting worse and added, "We all need to think about the possibility of larger earthquakes in the region where we live."


For now, we're thankful Venus was just shaken, not stirred.

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